Deep MapTM – Location-based Services

Most of the information we are confronted with on a daily basis contains a spatial element. The technology behind this type of information need not be limited to location positioning on a global or regional scale but can be applied to company premises, event locations or office blocks – and this is what motivates us to create our products.

With 24/7 Internet access and the exponentially growing amounts of data that have to be processed, visualized and utilized, the way people live and work has changed dramatically. They expect information to be constantly available and ideally tailored to reflect their current location and situation. After all, spatial context and situation-based interactions are key to the efficient and sustainable use of urban spaces for people, the environment and industry.

Our Deep MapTM technology provides our customers and partners with a powerful tool to enable them to create smart visualizations of their data and offer state-of-the-art location-based services (LBS).

Sie wollen Location-based Services in Ihr Portfolio integrieren? Nutzen Sie die Deep MapTM als mächtige und extrem leistungsfähige Technologie-Umgebung:

Deep Map Technologie

>> Zukunftsorientierte Erweiterung Ihres Portfolios durch neue digitale Funktionen für Ihre Produkte und Services

>> Potenzial für innovative IoT-Lösungen durch Integration verschiedenster IoT-Plattformen

Deep MapTM – High-quality indoor maps for your products

  • High-quality, aesthetically appealing maps to construct both indoor and outdoor scenarios seamlessly anywhere in the world
  • Hand-crafted by a team of qualified geo enthusiasts
  • For seamless integration into iOS, Android and web applications
  • Styling, user interaction and information display can be customized completely individually to satisfy the requirements of your users
  • Open for all the standard positioning technologies: GPS, WLAN, Beacons, RFID, Cisco MSE
  • Integration of data from different sensor systems
  • Full control over the data – you retain the copyright
  • Unique to us: one-stop shopping (map creation, provision of an uncomplicated, easy-to-use API, backend services and data integration)