Provide an overview and help people reach their goals –

with intelligent map technology and location-based services

Are you looking to integrate location-based services into your portfolio? Use Deep MapTM as a powerful and extremely high-performance technological environment:

>> Future-proof expansion of your portfolio with new digital functions for your products and services
>> Potential for innovative IoT solutions thanks to the integration of a range of IoT platforms

Deep Map graph

Why Deep MapTM

  • High-quality maps that seamlessly display indoor/outdoor scenarios
  • Can be used on all platforms & devices (iOS, Android, www)
  • Fastest and latest rendering engine
  • Comprehensive APIs for integration into your complex IT landscape
  • Connections to a wide range of systems
  • Specific expansions for any application
  • Styling, user interaction and information displays that are highly customizable
  • Compatible with all common positioning technologies (GPS, WLAN, beacons, RFID, Cisco MS)
  • Integration of data from sensor systems
  • Complete data sovereignty – copyright is retained
  • Exclusive service: everything from a single source!