Make business easier and reach users –
by combining the physical and virtual worlds

Innovative geoinformation technology + dynamic map solution =

  1. seamlessly visualized, complex indoor/outdoor scenarios
  2. Customized location-based services (LBS) for a wide range of users
  3. Professional analysis of large data sets for invaluable information about capacity and usage of buildings, plants and complexes



Context- and location-based services (LBS)


What can you find and where can you find it? Increase your conversion rates by providing your users with information and services tailored to their current location.

  1. Local information from third-party systems (departure times, special offers, etc.)
  2. Location and situation-based messages: warnings, reminders, delays, etc.
  3. Location and situation-based map display: The user stands in the center of the map.






Indoor navigation


How do you get to wherever you’re going? Quick orientation on complex sites: Find the correct contact partner, the rooms that have been reserved, the right product or the desired property thanks to the route display.

  1. Generation and visualization of the route
  2. Calculation of the shortest route and journey time – by car, on foot or with public transport
  3. Navigation directions with voice instructions

Used in: IBM Fairguide App



Booking and ordering systems

Booking and ordering systems

What is free, and where? With Deep Map™ technology, properties and rooms are displayed on a map and can be booked directly. The data from your booking software can be displayed on a map via individual interfaces.

  1. Bookable properties are visualized on a map with the “Around me” function
  2. Information about the booking status
  3. Integration of information from booking systems
  4. Route to the property

Used in: Multi-storey car park app trive.park by



Contextual reporting and analysis

Contextual reporting and analysis

Where are most people lingering? Which properties are remaining unused for long periods of time? Where is the transport process being interrupted? Route analysis provides information about movement patterns and the time people take to pass through different parts of the site.

  1. Route calculation based on captured positions
  2. Displayed as point clouds and heat maps 
  3. Aggregation of data from multiple entities (people, groups, jobs, vehicles, etc. at a glance)

Used by: Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover




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